What Are The H1B Interview Documents To Bring


Here is a list of the general documents that are required by all U.S. consulates and embassies during H1B interviews. There may also be required supplementary items that are not listed here. To learn what these are, work with your immigration lawyer or visit the consulate’s website. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators

A. A valid passport that will not expire before the end of your visa validation period.

B. A printed confirmation of your completed DS-160 online application form.

C. The original letter you received confirming your interview appointment as well as a copy.

D. Copy of both your approved I-129 petition and your I-797 notice of approval form.

E. A receipt for the visa fees that should have been paid in advance.

F. A passport-sized photo of you.

Supplementary Documents

A. Your original I-129 petition

B. Degree and certification certificates

C. Any expired passports. For H1B Visa Process Visit here

D. Letters from your sponsoring employer and previous employers

E. Pay stubs from most recent employer

F. Contact information for co-workers and managers at both your current job and past jobs.

G. Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

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