Tata Tiago Features & Specifications

Tata Tiago Overview

Tata Tiago is, undoubtedly, one of the best available options in the entry-level hatchback segment. It is based on the company’s new “Impact” design philosophy, which offers a driver-focussed layout with best-in-segment size and proportioned cabin-to-body ratio. The Tiago hatchback is small but agile, and it does tick all the right boxes that make the car so competitive in its segment.What makes this Tata car special is that it is extremely feature-rich, both inside out. After all, not many cars in the segment would offer you the quality, fit & finish and the urban interiors as the Tiago will. Every bit of material inside the car is of high quality. In fact, the moment you get inside, you will find it miles better than the original Indica. Check for Tiago On Road Price at CarzPrice

Tata Tiago Design

The Tiago really is one of the best looking hatchbacks we have seen in a long time. With a really good balance between a conventional hatchback design like the Alto has, and a tall boy design like the Wagon R, the Tiago’s proportions are quite on point. The grille on this top of the line version is finished in gloss black with great little details like hexagons that get smaller towards the edges.The pulled back headlamps that fuse with the grille too look great and again have a lot of chromed out detail in them which make them look premium. What we also like is the car’s distinct shoulder line that goes all the way from the front of the car, extends just below the windows and all the way to the C pillar.

Coming to the rear the inbuilt spoiler with two accent pieces combined with the sporty bumper really ties the car up well and so do the sharp tail lamps. One of the more subtle design features on the car however is the way Tata has stanced the Tiago, especially around the wheels so as not to leave any excessive gaps between the tyres and the bodywork which makes the car look lower and a lot more planted. On the whole then, there is certainly a lot of design effort that has gone into the Tiago and thankfully there is nothing on this car that reminds us of the older Indica the way the Bolt still reminds us of the Vista.

Tata Tiago Cabin

The interior design is attractive and I never thought Tata Motors would ever pull this off but they have, and impressively at that the shapes on the dashboard, especially the centre console, which once again bring out the hexagonal effect. But at the same time while the design is definitely better than what they have ever wrought from any of their works before, the quality of the mix of materials used in constructing that dashboard leads me to believe that certain corners had to be cut.Most elements in this interior make this cabin feel premium and a very cozy place to be in. You have that fantastic music system from Harman that critically lifts the mood within this cabin. It’s built of quality plastic with smooth buttons and dials that work flawlessly.

The piano black mirror finish on the gear knob, steering wheel arms and the door handles are another classy touch. Even the upper layer of the two-tone dashboard feels premium thanks to the shade and texture the grain provides. However, a layer below, the dashboard instantly feels completely out of sync. The plastic feels cheap and down market. The instrument console also has these flimsy looking bezels made entirely out of plastic that appear pedestrian. A simple chrome surround would have improved the look and feel significantly. Even the door pads, the dark layers feel premium but the light gray feels and looks like a compromise had to be reached to keep costs in check

Tata Tiago Performance

Here is where the essence of the matter is when it comes to the Tiago AMT. It is offered with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine producing 84bhp/114Nm of torque and of course, the five-speed AMT which sends power to the front wheels. Given that the engine remains unchanged in terms of what is on offer, the response feels quite similar to that of the manual powered variants.The back and forth rocking transition commonly associated with earlier Tata AMTs has reduced significantly to the point where at higher speeds it is hardly noticeable. However, lower down you do feel the jerkiness especially when crawling in traffic.

Tata has programmed the gearbox to shift up as quickly as possible to reduce engine load and at the same time increase efficiency. This can be a bit unnerving sometimes as it feels like the engine has moved into coasting mode. However, if you aim for a quick overtake and mash the throttle, the gearbox will drop one or two cogs (depending on how deep your right foot goes) to get you into the meat of the torque band to perform the overtake. The car runs in City mode on default but unlike the manual variants, this AMT spec car gets a sport mode to access more power on the tap. It allows you to hold the revs for a longer period and build up more steam if required. However, when you hit the redline in sport mode, the system automatically upshifts to the next gear. There is a manual mode which allows you to shift the gear by yourself and this is a useful tool when you want to have some fun on the road or need a bit of engine braking to slow down.

Tata Tiago Driving Dynamics

The Tiago is a real step up when it comes to handling. In fact, after the slightly disappointing engines, we are glad that the boffins at the Tata R&D centre have put in a bit of extra efforts to make the Tiago go around a corner far better than the likes of the Bolt. There is a bit of body roll of course, but on the whole, the Tiago feels very predictable and neutral and really does like to be thrown into a corner and takes the extra abuse without any fuss. The Tiago comes with electronic power steering, and just like the handling, it has been tuned to perform far better than the one on the Bolt even though it is essentially the same hardware. The steering wheel too is really well contoured and the grooves at the 3-o-clock and 9-o-clock position make sure that you have the perfect driving position.

Tata Tiago Braking and Safety

In terms of the braking, the Tata Tiago comes with disc brakes on the front wheels and drum units at the rear and this fitting is standard across all the variants. However, only the top-end variants – XZ (both petrol and diesel) and XZA, get the addition of ABS along with EBD and corner stability control. Moreover, dual airbags are added as a standard feature across all the variants, including the base XB trims. For information on contact details of Tata car dealers in Hyderabad visit Tataprice.in

Tata Tiago Price

Tata Tiago Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 3,29,985/- (Tiago Revotron XB) to 5,83,179/- (Tiago Revotorq XZ). Get best offers for Tata Tiago from Tata Dealers in India

Tata Tiago Verdict

The Tiago is a genuinely good product from Tata motors not because it looks good or handles well or has great interiors, but because it provides a fresh new perspective to the Tata brand in the eyes of the Indian car buyer. Yes, the engines do need a little more refinement and a little more power but if the Tiago delivers best in class fuel economy, we don’t think most Indian customers mind the slightly numb performance. So, would we recommend it? Well let’s just say that if Tata would ever want to resurrect the ‘More Car Per Car’ tagline that it used for the original Indica, the Tiago would certainly be more than worthy.

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