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Ever since Skoda came into the Indian market, they have offered luxurious carsat not so reasonable prices. The Skoda Superb was the answer to Mercedes, offering the luxuries of an E-class Benz at priceless than then the C-class Benz.Even though the Superb is ageing, we guess it has decent market demand for Skoda to roll out a new variant- the Superb Ambition 2.0 TDI AT. The Ambition comes with all the safety and comfort features that are available in the Skoda Superb Elegance baring an economical price tag. Skoda Superb price range in India is between 24,22,371/- to 31,29,975/-, check for detail pricing of Superb in Carzprice

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Skoda’s Superb needs no introduction. A quick way to summarise its legacy would be to say that it was the reason behind some cars exiting the segment. Superior packaging with brilliant performance and mechanicals to match, saw this car win a number of followers. So what does the all-new Superb have in store for you. From a distance you might mistake the all-new Superb for an Octavia, as it carries the same design language. However, the closer you get, it’s the size that reveals the true identity of the car. You would agree that the outgoing model felt stretched in the middle when viewed from the side profile.

Nevertheless, the latest iteration is far from that and looks proportionate in every viewing angle. The grille shape and overall lines of the headlamps lend the fascia an aggressive posture. Move on to the sides and you will appreciate how the extra length of the car has been smartly subdued in the design cues. This is also where you will notice the two alloy wheel shapes that differentiate the Style from the L&K version. The rear is characterised by the long tail lamps that move from the boot lid and curve on to the fenders. We wish Skoda gave the Superb a more spectacular overall design to keep the buyer excited as the present look does not really make it a crowdpuller.


The interior of the facelifted Superb remains nearly the same as in the outgoing model. The only change apparently is the replacement of the 4-spoke steering wheel with a 3-spoke, multi-function steering wheel. There is also a change in the music-system, which is now a Bluetooth-enabled Bolero audio system.

Depending on the trim level (Ambition or Elegance), the interior equipment, however, includes features like electrically adjustable Nappa leather seats, sunroof, eight airbags, dual-zone auto climate control and air-con vents on the B-pillar for rear occupants. But, even lower trim Ambition has a lot of small bits, like the rear privacy screen, that really add to the appeal of this car.


There’s a reason why this road test has been written and why you’re reading it. This is probably the most important section in this article, apart from the next one. Yes, this one’s about the source of all the power that is good in this world – that sweet V6 engine! Replacing the 1.8 litre unit in the Superb’s engine bay is a 3597 cc, direct injection, transversely mounted V6 mill. The engine is naturally aspirated though, which means it makes about 260 PS of power at 6000 revs. 350 Nm of torque kick in at 2500rpm and stay at maximum value all the way till 5000rpm – plastering a huge smile across your face as the car rocks from side to side when you blip the throttle in neutral. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed DSG with Tiptronic manual gear changing. While the engine-‘box combination works well, we would have liked to see the 7-speed DSG that does duty in the TSI to be employed here as well – that engine deserves it! Taking all that power down to the tarmac on the Superb V6 is an all-time four wheel drive system that distributes power to all four wheels seeking out immense levels of grip from the Superb’s tyres.

0-100 km/h comes up in just under 9 seconds and while you’re eyes are busy trying to make sense as the world goes by in a blur and your back is pinned against the nicely supportive seats, your ears will be at peace – savouring the magnum opus that is the sweet sound of the Superb’s V6. While some may argue that the sprint time isn’t exactly better than any of the other V6 engines in the Superb’s segment – all the inertia of the 4×4 system and restrictions in launching at higher rpms with an automatic gearbox tend to take away a bit of the Superb V6’s 100 km/h dash time. Also, this car is heavy – at 1750 kg, just under 9 seconds is a respectable time indeed!

The quarter mile came up in 16.39 seconds with the Superb hitting speeds just under 140 km/h and going on to accelerate way past the 200 km/h mark before quite simply put, we ran out of road! But what really gets you liking the Superb V6 are the car’s brakes. Feel is extremely positive with huge amounts of feedback that make you believe you’re in control of the car the whole time. The Superb V6 will stop dead from 100 km/h in just 2.86 seconds and creep ahead 41 metres in doing so. But the real beauty of the V6 engine is not in the 100 km/h dash nor in the braking. It’s in the way the Superb responds when you floor the pedal while overtaking. It simply makes mince-meat out of every other normal car on the road. You won’t have to flinch or even think twice before planning that next overtaking move – all you have to do is imagine it and it’s already done!


There’s a greater need for cars with supple suspension that is able to allow fluid handling over poor surfaces without feeling vague or sloppy. The Skoda Superb is just such a car. You don’t get super-sharp steering and razor responses from a Superb, because it isn’t that sort of car. It’s meant instead to give its occupants a serene ride, and if the driver can enjoy the process, so much the better.

Body control at speed, over undulations and through bends is excellent. Naturally, this nose-heavy, softly sprung Skoda understeers strongly if coaxed too quickly into a corner, and any line-tightening it offers in response to a lifted accelerator is too languid to be of much practical use.

But if you drive the Skoda in the flowing fashion it encourages, it shows strong grip, terrific poise and confident steering. Mercifully, given the breadth of range brought by the multitude of engine, transmission and driven wheels combination, suspension is standard on all the Superbs and is hard to fault. Stick with the big-selling 17- or 18-inch alloys and you can’t go wrong.


Skoda has done no compromise in terms of safety as you get top notch equipment with the new Superb. The list is long and here it is – 8 airbags, ABS, EBD, Hill Hold Control, multi-collision brake, anti-slip regulation, electronic differential lock, traction control system, electronic stability control and more. Skoda after sales service has been controversial in India but according to the carmaker, they have improved a lot in terms of turn around time, spare part costs, customer satisfaction after the launch of the new Octavia. The Czech carmaker says customer satisfaction level has gone up in the recent past and they are working hard to get everything right when it comes to after sale


Skoda is offering the ideal product for their King. The Superb looks stunning, is spacious and one of the most feature loaded vehicles in its segment. This makes it a great option to consider and one of the value for money products in this segment. Skoda has the premium brand value and then the space, features and power vis-a-vis price. The time has come to pamper yourself.

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