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Designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a BMW subsidiary, a new saloon automobile made in the UK Rolls-Royce Phantom has stolen lots of hearts in recent times. This was usually introduced in the BMW era in the year 2003. The Phantom is designed in a unique way with a special chassis platform, interior, body and retains the Rolls-Royce design cues. The body is built of aluminum and final assembly inclusive of paint, wood, body and leatherwork is custom made as per the buyer’s choice. A hefty 6.75 litre engine lies in the heart of Phantom producing extreme power output of about 453 bhp at 5350rpm. The engine hauls out a maximum torque of 720 Nm at 3500 rpm. Its includes features such as power sunroof, voice recognition, upgraded leather upholstery, rear-seat DVD entertainment, rear-view camera, 26- speaker premium sound system, 18-way power-front seats, 8-disc CD changer, 16-way power rear seats, heated and cooled cup holders, outside-temperature indicator, rear-seat tables, universal garage door opener, power title/ telescopic heated wood and leather wrapped steering wheel with radio, navigation controls, power open/close trunk lid, wireless headphones, refrigerator, iPod adapter and air-conditioning with 5-zone climate controls. Overall, Phantom is just amazing and would leave you dazzled.


The company has given this Rolls Royce Phantom model series a sleek and lustrous body line, which has an aerodynamic structure. It is equipped with a number of styling aspects, which makes it look captivating on the roads. To begin with the front fascia, it is designed with with a signature radiator grille, which is embossed with a prominent company logo in the center. This grille is flanked by a well lit headlight cluster, which gives the frontage a distinct look. It comprises of main headlights along with halogen auxiliary main beam lights, cleaning system and automatic dynamic range control. The owners can also opt for the bi-xenon headlights with dynamic cornering lights. Just below this, it has a body colored bumper, which houses a large air intake section for cooling the powerful engine. The bumper is accompanied by a black finished protective cladding, which helps in preventing the vehicle from minor damages. The LED daytime running lights are also integrated separately into the clusters above the air intake grilles. The frontage also includes an insignia of the company, which is neatly embossed at the tip of its sleek bonnet. Coming to its side profile, it is designed with neatly carved wheel arches that are fitted with a modish set of 21 inch alloy wheels. These rims are further covered with high performance tubeless radial tyres that provides a superior grip on any road conditions. The exterior mirrors are fitted to the doors for impressive aerodynamics and low wind noise as well. The rear end is designed in a splendid way, wherein the trendy tail light cluster that blends harmoniously with the overall design. Get detail features, specs and price of Rolls Royce Cars in Carzprice


With its bolt-upright dashboard, clocklike instruments, thin-rimmed steering wheel and plush seats that give you an elevated, almost SUV-style view of the road ahead, the interior of the Phantom is unlike any other. Every square foot of leather inside the Phantom comes from cows raised in high-altitude Alpine meadows free of thorns and barbed wire, so as to minimize the chance of markings on the hides. We’re not even kidding.Located behind a panel containing the Phantom’s center-mounted clock is an 8.8-inch infotainment screen that includes split-screen functionality. The setup is essentially a disguised version of BMW’s iDrive interface, right down to the multifunction controller that pops out of the Phantom’s center console. Generally speaking, it works quite well, though you’ll initially want to take some time to familiarize yourself with its menus before you hit the road. Other controls, particularly those for the front seats and climate adjustment, are unusual and may take some time to figure out.The wide rear compartment seats three in comfort, or two in even more comfort when the power-adjustable individual rear seats with power leg rests are ordered. With the rear seats set back deep into the car’s body, it can get a little dark, but we expect that’s exactly how many Phantom owners would like it. Perhaps the best thing about the Phantom’s rear quarters is getting in and out through its rear-hinged doors, which have integrated umbrellas in the event that your arrival occurs during a downpour.Given how large the Phantom is, its 16.2-cubic-foot trunk capacity is decidedly modest.


Under that long, sexy hood is the other centerpiece, one that provides more than enough motivation to get you down the road not only in style but with a quickness as well. Lurking in the front bowls of the world’s most exquisite car sits an all-new 6.75-liter V-12 engine that’s not only massive but quite powerful as well. It delivers a cool 563 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque. And, to top it off, it’s also mounted to a pair of turbochargers – something previous models just didn’t have. And, since those turbos are in place, all of that gut-wrenching torque comes in at a very low 1,700 rpm – impressive. These figures also represent an increase of 109 ponies and 133 pound-feet of twist over the Phantom VII – now that’s quite the improvement. Sending power to the wheels is an eight-speed ZF gearbox with optimized gear ratios and an attitude problem.Rolls has yet to release any official performance figures outside of power output, so if you’re wondering about the 60-mph sprint or top speed, you’re out of luck for now. What we can tell you, however, is that there should be a huge improvement over the VII. That Phantom could hit 62 mph in 5.9 seconds, but the Phantom VIII is significantly lighter and has something like twenty percent more power, so that figure should drop pretty dramatically. The 62-mph sprint could reside in the high-four-second range, with the low-five-second range being a little more likely – it really all depends on just how much weight was really shed with this generation thanks to that new chassis and suspension setup. Get On Road price of Rolls Royce Phantom from Rolls Royce Dealers in Hyderabad at Carzprice


Some bumps cause the steering wheel to quiver in your hands but, overall, the ride is sumptuously comfortable. Despite that huge body being hauled over poor UK road surfaces, it stays nicely controlled most of the time; neither undulating roads nor continuously broken surfaces have a detrimental effect.You expect a Rolls-Royce to sound like a library on wheels, and for the most part the Phantom is appropriately silent. There’s virtually no road noise and the mechanical components work smoothly and silently. However, with the other sources of noise so well suppressed, you can hear a bit of wind flutter.On the road, the Rolls does what it’s supposed to very well, but a Mercedes S-Class rides as well and handles slightly better, although much of that is to do with its considerably lower kerb weight. A Jaguar XJ is better to drive again, but neither it, the Audi A8, the Range Rover or more expensive rivals from Bentley mange to ride quite as nicely at the same time. Request For test drive Rolls Royce Phantom from Rolls Royce dealers near you


This car has top notch braking system. Its body is made up of rigid aluminum space frame accompanied with an advanced air suspension system, giving a bump free ride. It bears pneumatic independent and double wishbone suspension in the front and the rear comes with pneumatic, independent and multi link suspension. It comes with carbon fiber ceramic brakes on the front and rear along with anti-lock braking system with EBD preventing the wheels from locking up. The stability control and traction control enhances the entire driving and handling experience on the Rolls Royce Phantom. Safety features in all the variants are five seat belts, 8 airbags and a strong and tough body. Airbags saves you from major injuries and the 21 inch wheels ensure smooth driving.


That’s a difficult question to answer, especially if the price of a minimally specced Phantom, after paying nearly 200 percent in taxes and duties, is expected to cost Rs 8 crore (on road), rising to around Rs 9.5 -10 crore for a car with a decent amount of customisation. Terms like ‘value for money’ and ‘bang for your buck’ are not part of a Phantom buyer’s lexicon. What they are looking for is the ultimate luxury car and one that they are unashamed to flaunt. The new Phantom also takes customisation and exclusivity to a different level, with its concept of the bespoke Gallery. View the Phantom not just as an automobile but also as a work of art which, with its ludicrously high price tag, might just start making sense, but only if you are a billionaire.


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