Jeep Compass Hatchback First Drive

Jeep Compass Overview

The admiration for SUVs is increasing like never before and every other carmaker is making efforts to get a share of pie. Jeep also launched Compass SUV with the same objective of catering to the growing taste of the Indian carbuyers and give them a product which suite their style and need. The SUV carries the design cues from Grand Cherokee and its impression can be seen on the inside as well. The car is available in both the engine options to choose from and gets the automatic version for the buyers as well 4X4 mechanism for the off-roading enthusiasts. The company has recently introduced top level variant Limited Plus with additional goodies, while its upcoming Compass Trailhawk trim is suitable for the hard-core off-roader. View offers on Jeep Cars from Jeep dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Jeep Compass Style

The Jeep Compass is an all-new product with styling cues derived from the Grand Cherokee. The front fascia is a reminiscent of Grand Cherokee’s design language, which flaunts Jeep’s traditional seven-slot grille, albeit with modern updates. There are trapezodial wheel arches, which once again provides a glimpse of the rich heritage of the company products since 1940. These elements reflect the true Jeep DNA in the SUV, while several other components in form of rear fog lamps, roof rails, bi-xenon headlamps, dual-tone roof, LED tail lamps etc. give it a suave and urbane appearance. The Compass SUV is available in a total of five paint schemes: Vocal White, Hydro Blue, Minimal Grey, Exotica Red and Brilliant Black.

Jeep Compass Space

The interiors of Jeep Compass is simple yet appealing. Nice black and beige colour scheme used with centre console finished in piano-black. The A/C control button switches are finished in plastic and are a bit placed on the lower side so the driver really needs to see down to ensure correct buttons are pressed. The infotainment system adds to the overall appeal of the dashboard. However, the response of the touchscreen infotainment could have had been better. It does support Apple Car Play and Google Android Auto. Quality of plastic used inside is great the light coloured seats on the Compass make the cabin look big and spacious. The digital instrument cluster is very clearly visible even in bring sunshine with very little glare (or my sunglasses were really good!)The boot is big enough for two big suitcases and a small briefcase and the second-row seats can always be folded for more space. The temperature outside went up till almost 46-degree but the automatic climate control was very effective, adding further to our comfort.

Jeep Compass Engine

The Jeep Compass is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel one is the Fiat’s 2.0L Multijet II new generation engine which is brand new for this car in the Indian market. The engine produces 173PS and 350Nm of max torque. Power delivery is linear with the mid-range is strong enough to get past the crowded traffic. However, since the torque is available from around 1800 rpm, there might be some noticeable lag. Though the engine is overall silent, it clatters at standby and can get a bit noisy on the go, especially when you push it hard after 3500 rpm.

Unfortunately, this engine is not available with automatic transmission and sports only a 6-speed manual gearbox. The gearbox is slick and the gear changes give an accurate feel which make up and down shifting quite enthusiastic. Coming to the petrol engine, 1.4L Multiair turbo-petrol engine is again from Fiat and should not be confused with the one working under Abarth Punto. The motor pumps out 163PS and 250Nm of max torque. The power and torque figures are lower than the diesel counterpart but that doesn’t make it boring.

Drive it with the light foot and you wouldn’t grumble about, but the powertrain is not as punchy as the diesel one. The engine gathers speeds in a relaxed manner while the turbo comes in around 2000 rpm. Acceleration is quick but not exciting. As far as refinement is concerned, it isn’t as smooth and silent as other turbo petrol engines and at times can get noisy, especially at the higher rev band. On open stretches, the petrol Compass gives a homelike feeling as the engine is always eager for fast cruise. However, in cities with automatic transmission, it can get confused. Normally, people expect butter smooth performance from automatic transmissions, especially in this price range. But to be honest, the gearbox doesn’t give that smooth feeling as we get in DSG gearbox in Volkswagen cars.

It doesn’t get paddle shifters either. So, if you are planning to do a quick overtake, plan your intentions in advance. But it delivers what most of us want i.e. convenience. Driving it in a careful and cautious manner will cover up majority of the shortcomings. In terms of off-roading, the Compass being a Jeep delivers what it promises. The SUV can take the river crossings, muddy roads, steep inclines and tight turns quite well. The terrain management system offers four different modes including Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud, each comes with unique AWD calibrations and other electronic settings. All in all, the Jeep is a finest example of American automaker’s expertise in producing some of the most capable SUVs.

Jeep Compass Driving

The Jeep Compass’s 2.0L Multijet diesel engine is a brilliant performer. The power delivery is smooth, while throttle response is equally great. The suspension system is immensely well tuned and absorbs majority of the pot holes, making the ride fairly effortless and comfortable. The electric power steering is worth all the applause as it responds quite well to the driver’s fingers.Given its capabilities off the tarmac, it is really unbelievable how this car handles the roads. The car gets all-independent suspension with frequency selective dampers technology, which is normally found in expensive cars. The system adjusts the damping, sensing the driving style and the road conditions in order to provide the best of both ride and handling.

The ride quality of this car is nothing less than impressive, especially on the bad roads as the vehicle takes up potholes, stones and gravels without unsettling the passengers inside. This performance along with weighted steering wheel and the feedback it offers shows that the car is an excellent road handler. Even if the car is pushed hard, it remains planted.At low speeds, the stiff ride can get a little bouncy but as the speed builds up, the cabin settles down in a comfort zone. The company says it has done a lot to ensure the cabin remain quiet and muffles the engine noise. Thanks to the triple sealing on the doors and glass at the windows and windshields as well as the sound deadening in the floor pan that makes things inside the cabin quiet.

Jeep Compass Safety

The Jeep Compass gets disc brakes at front as well as rear. The SUV comes with as many as 50 safety and security features in form of Four-channel Anti-lock Brakes, full-function Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, Panic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Boost Failure Compensation, Electronic Roll Mitigation etc. Additionally, the company has incorporated 6 Airbags (side curtains for front and rear-passengers), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and Reverse Parking Camera to further strengthen the safety of the occupants.

Jeep Compass Price in Hyderabad

Jeep Compass Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 15,16,137/- (Compass Sport 1.4 Multi AIR Petrol) to 21,37,827/- (Compass Limited 4X4 O 2.0 Diesel). Get best offers for Jeep Compass from Jeep Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Compass price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Jeep Compass Bottomline

With an exhilarating introductory price and every possible bells and whistles, the Jeep Compass has exceeded everyone’s expectations and it can be concluded that it is here to stay and rule!Jeep Compass is offered in four variants including Sport, Longitude, Limited and Limited Plus. The price of this mid-sized SUV starts from Rs. 15.4 lakh and goes up to Rs. 22.9 lakh. The pricing for the base trim Sport for the petrol version is Rs. 15.4 lakh and for the diesel variant its Rs. 16.6 lakh. The mid-range model Longitude gets the price tag of Rs. 17.92 lakh while the Compass Limited is tagged at Rs. 19.97 lakh and Rs. 19.63 lakh for the petrol and diesel respectively. The top-spec variant Limited plus is offered at the price tag of Rs. 21.47 lakh for petrol and Rs. 21.13 lakh for diesel while the Compass Limited Plus 4X4 is tagged at Rs. 22.9 lakh, ex-showroom. Jeep Compass competes against heavyweight such as Hyundai Tucson, Mahindra XUV500 and Tata Hexa in the segment.

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