Jaguar XE Engine & Transmission

Jaguar XE Overview

Jaguars are known for their opulence, besides a great deal of sportiness. So when Jaguar introduced their smallest cat yet, it had big shoes to fill, especially with its bigger brothers being the XJ and the F-Type. And it did that quite well with the powerful 2.0-litre petrol engine that it was launched with. And now a diesel mill has also hit the roads, the Ingenium 2.0-litre, that will ring in the numbers for Jaguar because of its economies. So, we head out in the baby Jag, the top-spec Portfolio trim at that, to find out if it turns out to be a real ‘Jaguar’. View offers on Jaguar Cars from Jaguar dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Jaguar XE Style

From the outside, this test rig is little more than a standard XE. However, upon closer inspection, there are a few giveaways that this is something slightly different. First is the small “E” badge on a light-blue background on the rear of the vehicle. Secondly, there is a plastic piece that looks intentionally popped off the rear bumper. Could this be a makeshift hole to plug in the power cord? The final giveaway is the blue wire that loops from the cabin to under the hood. This could be nothing more than general monitoring equipment, but I have a feeling that this could be the wire for a makeshift battery-monitoring system.Other than those modifications, this XE looks like a standard black Jag in dire need of a bath.

Jaguar XE Space

The evocative styling continues on the inside as well with the yacht-like semi-circular layout. The cockpit is neatly laid out in an old-school way. The touchscreen display is tucked between the buttons and the waterfall console houses the two-zone climate control. The ‘theatre-of-dreams’ rotary gear-fob rises as you thumb the ‘throbbing’ start-stop button (throbbing because it blinks, egging you to start off).The cabin was dressed in beige and black, upholstered in leather. Front seats are electrically adjustable along with the steering column and make sure you get into a comfortable position right away. Seating in the front row is comfortable thanks to the well-executed ergonomics. Even the rear passengers have just enough legroom for the three occupants. The twin rear AC vents make sure the entire cabin cools swiftly while the electric rear curtain makes sure that the sun is kept at bay.

The binnacle of the instrument cluster reads speed and revs with the TFT display in the centre reading out the other required information. You can access the settings through the steering mounted audio controls and also through the touchscreen display. As you might have noticed, the Jaguar XE is loaded with features which also includes an electric sunroof, electrically operated ORVMs and auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror, cruise control, automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers as well.

The overall fit and finish along with the quality of materials as well as plastics is top notch, befitting the opulent Jaguar tradition. NVH levels are also adequate and it has a quiet ride on tarmac. Concrete roads tend to be noisy, but that is just to nit-pick, just like our want for lumbar support for the front seats and the standard jibe about the transmission tunnel eating into the legroom of the middle rear passenger. Check for Jaguar XE in  

Jaguar XE Engine

The Jaguar XE diesel is powered by a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder engine which is called Ingenium. This motor produces 180 PS at 4000 RPM and 430 Nm at 1750 – 2500 RPM, resulting in 0-100 km/hr coming up in 7.8 seconds while the top speed is 228 km/hr. It does pull well lower down and turbo lag is well contained with the mid-range being the strongest point of this powertrain as it’s between 2000 and 4000 RPM where this Jag pulls strong, there isn’t much of a top-end with redline coming up at 4900 RPM. It isn’t the most refined motor as it’s quite audible but in a good way as the sound from the twin exhausts is a bit sporty for a diesel.

There are 4 driving modes – Normal, Eco, Winter and Dynamics (with a chequered flag), these alter the engine, steering and AC, not the gearbox as the S mode on the rotary gear selector does that. In S mode, it holds the revs all the way, upshifting slightly below 4500 RPM while if you use the paddles, it will go into manual mode and not upshift till you do so. The gearbox is very quick with shifts, sometimes too fast as it downshifts when you don’t need it but I like the enthusiasm, especially in the city wherein stop-go traffic, this Jag feels just too punchy but you learn to modulate the throttle.

Jaguar XE Driving

Jaguars is the taut steering. In spite of being an electronic unit, it has the feel of the hydraulic past and I enjoyed it. Feedback is precise, especially when you try and push the car, throwing it around corners at speeds you shouldn’t ideally be doing. The chassis tells you exactly what is happening at each end and you know exactly when you want to back off. The whole steering-suspension combination takes a little time to get into the sprint, but once it does, it is capable of some serious speed. And complementing it well are the brakes. They don’t fade out that easily and have the right bite and progression for your regular traffic crawl as well as that occasional burst of speed around the twisties.

Jaguar XE Safety

While the after sales network isn’t as great as its German rivals, the Tata-owned brand is steadily expanding and is committed to giving peace of mind to its customers. In terms of safety features, the XE Diesel gets multiple airbags, Surround Camera System (offered in the top-end Portfolio trim only), Start/Stop System, Torque Vectoring, Dynamic Stability Control with Traction Control, ISOFIX child seat mounts, Hill Launch Assist and Jaguar Smart Key System (keyless entry, offered in the top-end Portfolio trim only).

Jaguar XE Cost in Hyderabad

Jaguar Xe On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 42,59,010 to 53,12,722 for variants XE Pure and XE Portfolio Diesel respectively. Jaguar Xe is available in 6 variants and 7 colours. Below are details of Jaguar Xe variants price in Hyderabad. Check for XE price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Jaguar XE Conclusion

The Jaguar XE with the addition of a diesel engine, becomes a more compelling package. The 240 BHP petrol version is, without doubt, one of the best cars in the segment but the diesel, although lacking the same levels of excitement, still manages to bring in the fun factor with its fantastic balance between ride and handling, not to forget more economical running costs. Factor in the current 3-Series is on its way out and you realise that the XE is currently the driver’s delight in the segment.

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