7 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Digital marketing services could be one of the greatest lead generation tools for your real estate business.

Today all your prospective clients do online research on property market, right from retrieving information about various projects to the final process of payments and registration.

If you work out a strategy, you can turn online marketing platforms into sound lead generation streams. Wondering, how?

Here are the 7 sure-shot ways to make it happen.

Customizable Websites

If your website looks like everyone else’s, that may be how visitors treat you. There are best practices that make it easier for customers to use your site, but it should give them a taste of your personality and branding. Your site’s appearance and structure should be built around your ideal customers and their needs. Brokerage & Team Packages by Realty DS Group handle all design the details for you.

CRM System

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and it should be part of your business technology platform allowing you to manage your relationships and communications with clients and prospective clients. With the right CRM system, it’s simple to organize your client lists, streamline your business processes, and grow your real estate business. Realty DS Group’s Pipeline Manager is built to help you TRACK, MANAGE and ENGAGE with your contacts right from your smartphone.

e-Cards and Flyers

For your marketing message to produce leads, you need to address your audience on multiple levels – and be prepared to follow up several times before they take action. Flyers and e-cards are one way to automate this process. You can provide your viewers with periodic reminders about local real estate trends, listings, and more with full multimedia integration. Agents who think a website doesn’t produce leads can benefit hugely from these personalized digital tactics. To know more info on Real Estate Advertising check Tec

Email Campaigns

Email is a remarkably efficient way to gain and maintain attention. An automated email campaign makes it easy to address five people or five thousand – and you can empower each one with custom content that suits their needs. Committing to a weekly subscriber email is the best way to keep relationships warm and ensure leads will reach out to you when the time is right. Campaigns can also be trigger-based, so custom content is sent based on user behavior.


Blogging is the fastest way to demonstrate your expertise to your audience. With informative and helpful articles, you’ll differentiate yourself from the other real estate agents in your area. Blogs are the first step to building a relationship of trust and keeping your brand top of mind as your future customers go through the weeks leading to their decision to buy or sell a home. Creating real estate blogs that drive traffic may be the one digital skill all agents need.

Facebook and Other Social Media

Facebook is a powerful platform for maintaining ties with current and former customers, while Twitter is great for finding new leads. With a professional presence on these sites, you can remain part of the conversation in your market. Realty DS Group’s Facebook Auto-Connector publicizes sold listings instantly, keeping your social feed consistent and accurate.

Facebook Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to attract meaningful online traffic. However, it can only benefit you if you already have a complete lead funnel on your site. Careful attention and ongoing optimization ensure your Facebook ads deliver a consistent return on investment. Automated paid social advertising can streamline advertising and reduce your risk at the same time. Realty DS is a self-service tool that generates custom ads as your new listings enter the market.

Remember that online marketing is no longer an alternative for your business; it is a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive world. Embrace it with open arms and see how success follows up sooner than later.

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