3 Effective Strategies To Deal With Negative App Reviews

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When you’re checking out app reviews about your business, be it on your app store page or on a third-party one, you are bound to get the jitters. As you scroll down and notice that every single review is a positive one, you start to calm down a notch, even feel a bit proud about yourself. That is until that one negative review hits your screen, a severe kick in the guts! Relax, it’s just one review in over 20, you tell yourself. But a couple more turn up and you start tearing your hair out.

Relax; it’s not the end of the world – this time it’s us telling you to calm down. We have carefully crafted three effective strategies that will help you deal with negative app reviews like an expert.

And before you ask, no, we’re not here to advise you on how best to manage your frustration! This is not a psychological health write-up but a concise, detailed yet interesting consumer-handling study.To know more information check SEO Company in London.

Here are a few good tips to get you going.

Is He/She a Troll or a Genuine Customer?

This is the biggest question that haunts every business owner. How to determine if the review you get is sent by a troll or a genuine client? Just check your records.

There may be hardcore trolls who would deign to purchase your product before submitting their absurd views, but they are few and far between. And most probably, they may be employed by your competition.

If you’re competing against a multinational company already established in the trade, then it’s not uncommon for them to resort to unethical methods to discredit your services, especially in the virtual world.

Don’t go abusing them soon after you realize that. Send a polite reply to their comments, asking them to submit proofs of their claims. Have the last laugh!

Don’t Get Defensive

If a negative consumer review is genuine, then know that it is not targeted at you, personally. It’s aimed at your business, and you should take it from a professional viewpoint. Don’t reply as if the customer has a personal grudge against you. Understand what they’re trying to say, analyze every negative point they have mentioned, and reply as if you’re brimming with alacrity.For Website design & development company in New York check RavisNY.

David Anderson, an author at IHateWritingEssays, says that online reviews are nothing but a test of a businessman’s imagination. And if you’re governed by your emotions, then it’s far better to outsource that particular review to a professional social media marketer before replying to it.

A social media expert can objectively reply to the customer comments that target your emotional chords. He/she will take a ringside view of things and respond accordingly.

The right response can easily convert a potential genuine customer with a warped sense of understanding into a faithful client in the near future.

Empathize and Take Action

Admittedly, it’s tough to empathize with a comment that shakes your entire marketing philosophy. A social media expert will be better able to handle the situation. If, for any reason, you’re unable to hire one, then know that it is critical to empathize, and even sympathize, with the views of certain genuine consumers. If you were to simply state your issues like a robotic professional, it would only lead to unnecessary animosity between you two, leading the client to respond still more aggressively.

Finally, once you have taken the customer’s views into account, placed yourself in their shoes, and realized where you went wrong, take the necessary action to correct that mistake right away.To know more info on SEO Services check Kotra

The longer you wait, the worse will it affect your business. Just let the particular customer know that you’re working on the issue and send them a polite message after the problem has been resolved. Remove or flag that negative testimonial after client approval, or just let it be so that other potential customers may know that your business isn’t entirely fake.

Oh yeah, a website that’s flooded with ONLY positive customer reviews comes out as fake to knowledgeable, worldly clients. Sprinkle in a credible negative review every now and then and there you have it: a perfectly genuine business that is active in resolving any bugs it may have!

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